graduation isn’t the end.
It’s the beginning.

Here’s where the New Generation masters the skills to Win At


Young graduates face a culture shock after graduation.


– being a good student doesn’t guarantee success.

Recent graduates often come to realize that their hard work in preparing for college and achieving good grades does not guarantee success in the real world. That there are many other requirements beyond skills, academic achievements, and coursework that are essential for success.

For example: presenting themselves in a way that will standout in their job search, exceling in vital soft skills required in the business realm, effectively managing their finances, knowing and implementing strategies to overcome unexpected challenges, just to name a few.

This is when Win After College can help!

– Jordanne W.

    Founder of Win After College

We help students get the skills they’ll need to reach where they want to go.
here’s how we do it:

Workshops & Events

Get Students Energized and Ready to Lead Change. Conference keynote, workshop events, panel discussions, and in-class presentations … with passion and expertise (and a bit of humor), Jordanne will empower your students to design the life they want and gain the tenacity to go after it.


On-Demand Trainings

Gain Confidence with On-Demand Recordings of Our Best Live Workshops! Didn’t get to attend a live workshop? No worries, get inspired anywhere, anytime! Watch
 recordings of our classes that help form healthy habits with money, learn how to build resiliency, and engineer the life you want.

Classes on Money Management

Learn The Rules of Money, So You Can Play AND WIN! Understand the basics of good money management and know how to create your personalized system to make your money work for you as you enter the “real world” with this online course.

Resources For Students

Get Un-Stuck with The Winner’s Circle Online Learning Center. Access to exclusive workshop recordings and videos, downloads, fun assessment quizzes to help you figure out areas to focus on, value-packed articles, and self-paced bite-sized action plans. 

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