Nailing Your Interview, Part 1: How To Research A Company

Nervous about an upcoming job interview?

Don’t worry—you got this! One of the best things you can do to prepare is to research the company.

That’s right—researching the company you want to work for is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful interview.

The more you know about what the company cares about, the better you can answer their questions in a way that shows how you embody those characteristics.

Here are some tips on how to research a company and make sure your foot is firmly in that proverbial door.

What to know about a company

  • Leadership – CEO/owner/key players in the company and/or faces of the company
  • History – past acquisitions, founding, key milestones overcome, etc
  • Mission statement/vibe (what they care about)
  • Industry contributions – how do they make the profession better, etc
  • Initiatives they care about – community outreach, promises, commitments, etc
  • Latest mentions in the news – successes, etc
  • Their competitors and what makes them better
  • Research the person you will be interviewing with*

* While not directly related to researching the company, knowing a bit more about them personally can help build rapport during your meeting, which could give your application an edge over other applicants. If possible, find out more about them through LinkedIn or Twitter – anywhere they may have shared more about themselves beyond just their professional background.

Where to look:

Company website – about us

This can seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to make sure you know exactly what the company does and make sure you are familiar with their products and services. This information is usually available on their website, so start there first. Additionally, take some time to read reviews about the company from customers and employees alike—it can give you valuable insight into what working with them would really be like.

Social media accounts – LinkedIn profile pages, etc

Look up their LinkedIn page and get acquainted with their employees and their mission statement. See if they have any other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter where they post company updates or job openings. You might even find out more information on sites like Glassdoor or Indeed that could give you insights into what it’s like working at the company and what kind of questions they may ask during an interview.

Plus, it shows that you have taken the time to learn more about them beyond just reading their website content—a great conversation starter during your interview!

Local news articles, etc

Google is your friend. See if there are any recent articles written about them online – these could also be helpful in understanding more about their business model and goals.

Many companies keep their followers updated on news and updates through social media accounts, so this is another good way to get a feel for what they’re up to.

Interviews with employees/key company players

Sometimes good old-fashioned networking is still the best way to get information about a company or role.

Reach out to anyone in your network who may have worked at – or even know someone who has worked at – this company before. Ask them questions such as, “What was it like working here?” or “What makes this organization different from others?”. They should be able to provide insight into what it takes to be successful in such an environment, which could prove invaluable during your interview process!

Show off that knowledge!

Once you’ve done all your research, use it to your advantage!

Try to incorporate some of your findings into conversation when speaking with the interviewer; it will show off your knowledge of the organization and demonstrate that you did your due diligence ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to bring up things such as new products/services released recently by the company or current initiatives they have taken on—any evidence that shows that you did your homework will go a long way towards impressing them.

Researching a company doesn’t have to be hard work; in fact, it can actually be fun if you approach it with enthusiasm and excitement! Remember: employers want someone who is passionate about joining their team and who has done enough research to demonstrate that passion. So take your time researching each prospective employer before your interview; doing so will help ensure that you land your dream job in no time! Good luck!

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