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Adulting 101: Managing Your Money Like A Boss After College

Financial success after college is more than numbers; it’s about empowering students to learn the habits and principles of personal finance so they can have fun and be excited about their money. During this workshop they’ll will learn about:

  • Having the Life You Want – Determining Your Financial Goals
  • Living on Your Own – Why Budgets Suck & What You Should Do Instead.
  • Who’s Looking at Your Credit Score & Why Does it Matter – Building and Using Credit
  • How to Become a Millionaire – The importance (and ease) of Investing and
  • Slaying Your Debt – Repaying debts and student loans

(75 – 90 mins)

Getting Paid: Real Life Tips on Evaluating Job Offers Beyond The Paycheck

When comparing job offers, the salary isn’t the only deciding factor. In this workshop we’ll discuss job benefits, what to look for and how to evaluate them.

  • Show Me The Money – Evaluating a Compensation Package
  • What About Benefits & Perks ? – Determining What You Actually Need
  • Making Your Money Work for You – Looking At Retirement Packages
  • 5 Things You Can Negotiate for Other Than Salary
  • Final Tips At the Intersection of Money & Career

(75 – 90 mins)

G.R.I.T: Cultivating Skills for Leadership & Success

The old career and life advice just doesn’t work anymore. But what does it really take to be a good leader? To be successful in college and life? The answer is G.R.I.T. In this workshop we’ll talk about the abilities you need to master and the skills everyone needs to learn to not only survive but to thrive in this new economy. Students will learn:

  • The four key elements of G.R.I.T.
  • How to attract your dream job
  • Discovering and aligning your core values to your decisions

(75 – 90 mins)

The Fin Talk: Money Talks Every College Student Needs to Have

A session delivered in the fall of your first year which provides an overview of all the basics of money that you ever needed to know, but didn’t know you needed to ask. This is about more than just the numbers. It’s about empowering your students to take control of their finances and ultimately their collegiate experience. Students will learn:

  • Basics of budgets
  • Setting goals
  • Savings
  • Staying safe from scams
  • Credit & Credit Cards
  • Repaying debt

(75 – 90 mins)

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"FANTASTIC! ... excellent resources!"

This is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for these excellent resources… I truly appreciate your partnership. We’ve heard from parents who were impressed about the financial questions students were asking about retirement and savings after attending the presentation with you. Really excellent work, and I’m so glad to offer these tools to students. 

-Leigh Mascolino
Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University

"Passionate and Entertaining"

“The presenter was passionate and entertaining. She also kept the attendees involved”

-Workshop Participant
‘Adulting 101: Managing Your Money Like A Boss After College Workshop’

"Loved It!"

“What I liked most about this webinar was how knowledgeable the presenter was about what she was talking about. Not only was she a great presenter but she also offered a lot of useful information. Loved it!”

-Workshop Participant
‘Getting Paid: Evaluating Job Offers Beyond the Salary  Workshop’

"Such a content-packed and engaging presentation!"

WOW, that was fantastic! Thank you so much for delivering such a content-packed and engaging presentation. You really offered tremendous value, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this together … Thank you again for your expertise, passion, and time today. I was chatting with Mindy and Newton after – and we agreed that this really got all of us thinking about our own retirement savings!

-Leigh Mascolino
Director of Career Development
Ohio Wesleyan University

"Presented the material in a very simple and clear way!"

‘Jordanne was very interactive and presented the material in a very simple and clear way that made sense.’

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