Tools of the trade

Life is busy. Here are tools that can help.

No matter where you are in your journey to mastering your finances, there are amazing tools that can:

  • Automate your finances saving you dozens of hours per week and a ton of stress (so you can spend time doing what you love … #winning !)
  • Find and save you thousands of dollars on your paycheck

But let’s face it, there’s a ton of junky useless tools out there that claim to help but just fall flat.

My commitment to you is that I NEVER recommend a tool that I haven’t tried/used and love, or that I don’t believe would be helpful to you.

And all these tools I would wholeheartedly share with my family and friends because I believe they can help change your financial life.

Pay Off Debt


is a debt consolidation company that can help you lower your high-interest credit card debt. You submit one application to find the possible rates available and Payoff gives you the prospective rates without impacting your credit score. If you like the rates, then continue. If you don’t then no harm, no foul. Not bad.


‘You worked hard. You deserve better.’ That’s their motto and I couldn’t agree more. My student loans used to cause me so much anxiety, I felt like I would never get out from under them. I would make a payment every month, but my balance would barely move. I was able to consolidate my private student loans with SOFI. They single-handedly make my student loans no longer a pain point for me.


finds you the best rates it can for most refinancing – credit cards, personal loans, mortgage refinancing and even student loans! It doesn’t impact your score to get your rate, so if you don’t like what you get then you can walk away with no issue. And if you are ready to apply, then your information is already there.


has saved people millions of dollars on credit card interest and late fees since 2015.  You simply sign up, add your credit cards, and Tally pays off your cards, and you pay back Tally in one simply month payment.


partners with hundreds of non-profit credit unions and banks, giving you access to shop from a network of not-for profit, local lenders who offer low-cost and low-rate student loan refinancing. Making student loan refinancing easier than ever

Build or Repair Your Credit


establish payment history and build credit, while saving money, through a Self credit-builder account. And even better A Self Credit Builder Account can get you access to the Self Visa Credit card in as little as 3 months* with no hard pull on your credit


gives you monthly or quarterly access to new updated 3-bureau credit reports, and access to the 28 FICO® Scores—including your most widely used FICO® Score versions. It’s the closest to what lenders use to evaluate your application


provides way more than just credit scores, it boasts a robust suite of tools to help build, maintain and protect your credit. You can discover your credit potential with their credit compass tool, protect what you’ve built with their Credit Lock Plus tool, and even protect your identity with TruIdentity.

Lexington Law

offers FREE Credit Score, FREE Credit Report Summary, and FREE Credit Repair Recommendation, and provides professional credit report repair services for customers looking to improve their credit scores and receive lower interest rates.

has a credit repair process that has been developed, refined, and proven many times to help individuals meet their financial goals. They give you a free credit score, free credit report and can show you exactly what’s hurting your score & how you can work to fix it

Credit Karma

Let’s you check your scores anytime, anywhere, and never pay for it. And like a credit concierge, they use your credit profile to show you curated offers that would work great for you and can provide a relief roadmap that connects you to government support and personalized debt relief options if you need it.

Start Investing


is a micro-investing app that helps people save and invest for their future by automatically setting aside a little from their everyday purchases. 


combines digital technology with highly personalized service to provide a holistic view to a unique financial picture. You can determine your networth on demand, know if your retirement plans are on target, and track your spending. It’s the swiss army knife of personal finance apps.

M1 Finance

blends the ease of automated Robo-advised investing with the ability to create an expansive portfolio that is entirely to your liking – or you can choose one of their pre-built portfolios to get started. No more wondering what to invest in this month 

Bank Better


Along with a competitive, variable rate and no monthly maintenance fees, the Ally Bank Online Savings Account comes with buckets to organize your money, boosters to optimize and grow your savings, and even recommendations to help grow your money faster.

CIT Bank

Is an online-only bank, offering highly competitive High Yield Savings, Money Market, CDs and Custodial Accounts. This bank offers a variety of options designed to help you maximize your personal finances.


helps its members take control of their finances—so they can unlock the freedom and confidence they need to focus on more important parts of their lives.


is a safe, secure app that lets parents teach their children about financial responsibility. Kids can use the app to earn, save and spend virtual currency. Parents get to decide how much they want their child to have access to at any given time,  and approve all transactions. They can also set up limits for specific categories of spending, like entertainment or food

Save & Manage Your Money


is a comprehensive personal finance management software that let’s you get a consolidated view of your finances, track your investments, organize and pay your bills from one easy dashboard, manage your rental properties and even your small business

You Need A Budget

Money doesn’t have to be messy. YNAB will help you organize your finances, demolish your debt, and save piles of cash


can be your virtual personal assistant working hard to save you money. Use it to cancel old subscriptions, set spending alerts, check your spending on whatever categories you choose and automatically help you lower your fees


is your financial female friend helping to keep you on track for your money goals. Nanci is simple and sustainable and helps you stay in control of your finances despite your busy lifestyle through simple budgeting


Get paid to shop! Companies pay Rakuten for sending them shoppers, then they share the money with you as Cash Back. Super simple to earn money on purchases you were already making anyway,


let’s you see your finances all in one place, track and see your progress toward short & long-term goals, know where your money is going, and help you maximize your savings

Protect Yourself & Family


offers auto-pilot for all your passwords. No more trying to remember your passwords for which accounts, or trying to create complicated unique passwords you’ll likely never remember. Not only that, it can store sensitive documents, allows you to securely share access with others, and offers great security for digital records. Your LastPass is the Last Password You’ll Ever Need.

Trust &Will

walks you through everything you need to create a perfect, customized estate plan – one question at a time. And because it’s all done online, you can do it in less time than it takes to do a load of laundry! Be sure that your loved ones will be taken care of according to your wishes. Create your estate plan today with trust and will.

Level Up


Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in creativity. When you sign up you get access to unlimited classes taught by industry leaders & working professionals.